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Three space elevated shopping mall PR video release! “Piazza Kobe, a shopping street where aliens come”

 -Space Corps has come to investigate about 400 meters of thin and pleasant shopping street! ? –
It is PR video of “Piazza Kobe Sannomiya Reservoir shopping street”!

A space advocate who came to the survey from a distant star enjoy shopping and gourmet in “Piazza Kobe Sannomiya Reservoir Shopping Street”.

■ “About” Piazza Kobe Sannomiya Reservoir Shopping Street “”
“Piazza Kobe Sannomiya Reservoir Shopping District” (located in Kamisu City, Hyogo Prefecture) is a shopping district with approximately 160 stores with beautiful shops under an archival bridge extending approximately 400 meters from Sannomiya Station to Motomachi Station.

Now, new shops are being opened one after another, and it has been captured in a lively shopping area with shops lined up on both sides of the walkway under the pillowcase, including old stores.
A clothes shop, a shoe store, accessories, a fashionable town, and a specialty shop unique to the gods gather, and it features an extensive assortment of journals from the latest items to unthinkable bargains.
Recently, the number of talkable bubbles, Hong Kong suits, Chiros, and other shops where you can eat and eat are increasing, and the fun in the shopping street has increased.

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