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It is a hat specialty store which stocks many kinds. Why do not you find a hat that suits yourself with the staff?
Even under the elevated, it stands out greatly. Inside the unusual shop there are various styles and hats that can be used in situations, as well as accessories that become decisive for fashion, unique accessories etc are enriched. Even if you do not understand how to hit the hat, "It is okay if you do not understand how to join!" There is no other item, there is only one here, a hat full of originality, an item that complements your personality with access will surely be found! Please come and visit us once!



★Shop No 2017 Original limited item arrived at last!

Japanese-made seasonal limited items arrived in both men's and women's!
(All staff members engaged in design and production, we made commodity products that are easy to use for various scenes)
Hat type cookie is gifted as a limited quantity to customers who purchase limited items ♪
Please try at the store by all means.
Men's Product Name: Wool Gradation Thermo Hat
Color: Black, gray, wine, green
Size: S · M
8500 yen (tax excluded)
Lady's Name: NASCERE Crochet
Color: Black, Brown, Wine
Size: M
7400 yen (tax excluded)

Store Information

Address650-0012 Hyōgoken kōbeshi Chūō-ku Kitanagasadōri 3-31-84
Business hours11:00~20:00
Regular holidayNo holidays
Official sitehttp://www.shop-mu.jp/


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